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      In the months that followed, Amara, at the request of Bas a’ Rhinn, spent considerable time in a cave near to where Graw’s home stood at the base of the mountain. For the safety of the Raepuwa town, she was to use it as a place to reflect and practice her craft. They found that fire was not her only talent. She was balanced, as many never were. Fire and Ice came to her in equal measure, tied directly to her emotions. Anger was combustive while her sorrow brought bitter cold. Bas a’ Rhinn taught her to channel, to perform small meditations to focus her feelings. To make her desires second nature, her thoughts had to become instincts that she could call up when she pleased, not only when needed.

       Finding stability was the key, and soon, she was able to create fire with nothing to aid the burn. It was unstable, having a purpose to seek out fuel, be it wood, stone, or flesh. The turn of her hand, and it fell consuming the ground around her, but never harming her. Although it did liquefy several pairs of boots. With so many failures at controlling its directions, it was agreed on that the Hymenopteria stinger in her arm was the cause. Try as they might, it was impossible to remove. Any time Bas a’ Rhinn tried to get near it to pry it free, it drove deeper into her arm, and Amara could not stand it. 
         She would have to learn to work around it.
        As for the ice, it did not take shape as the fire did. Rather it altered only what she touched, from chilling a bottle of wine, to rendering a boulder to easily fragmented shards, Amara’s talents delighted Bas a Rhinn.
       Her days lesson was over, a success by Bas a’ Rhinn’s judgments. Amara had managed to destroy a series of targets, controlling the flames. While it was stronger and more viscous when thrown from her dominate right hand, she had little control. The Hymenopteria stinger continuing in its handicap. Her left toss was gaining strength, and she was slowly adopting a bowmen’s accuracy. Because Amara had made the decision that she would not stay long after the final snow, Bas a’ Rhinn made it his mission to help her learn to better protect herself, and by doing that protect any innocents with whose paths she might cross.

       In return for all of the kindness, Amara agreed to share a De Corlen secret with Bas a’ Rhinn. One, which wildly intrigued him. The means to create a protective construct. Although the Isle was paralyzed by her power, it was not entirely without magic. When priestess' would leave the isle for reasons other than acquiring a husband, it was a custom and a safety measure to use the chastity belt, which like any other possessed a key and that key, needed a safe hiding place. On the body, it could be found just as easily as if it were kept in a bag. The protective construct was a bit of kitchen witchery, a means of keeping safe the key to the most sacred parts of a woman, or any other small items that needed secreting away.

        The spell required herbs of protection and a clear intent of need. Further, to bind it to the user, like most isle rituals there would have to be blood. Most often, the protective construct would be a small box, or occasionally a rodent, possessing a magical intelligence. Only giving over the key or other sacred item in a time of true need. Refusing the owner if it was only to fulfill a physical desire or boastful need to share.

       Amara gathered what herbs the Raepuwa had to spare from their wine storage rooms, thin spindle flowers of honey hazel, vervain, and bramble being the best for her needs. The bramble leaves coming from bushes just on the outskirt of town. She mashed them together creating a fine powder and added enough blood to create a paste. This was then allowed set, floating in a bucket of clean water and left under a full moon to absorb the light and tidal powers. Although they were far from the Oceans Amara hoped that the moons pull which she had observed caused the bogs to ebb, would suffice. Once this was done, she placed the key inside the bowl and concentrated as she pushed it down into the water. Suddenly the water began to churn violently, splashing up into Amara’s face. She was sent flying backward. Bas a’ Rhinn and Khane looked on from a distance as a large black bird emerged, hopping on to the rim of the bucket. Its large yellow eyes staring at Amara who stared back curiously.

        Bas a’ Rhinn clapped happily. The bird turned its head, and opened its wings, flapping hard, sending bits of frozen water off in all directions, like shards of glass they tore through the top of a nearby caravan.

         “Brilliant!” Khane laughed. “But I though you side it would be small?”
         “I don’t know what happened.” Amara stood up going to the bird, which genuflected immediately.     
         “Seems he knows his purpose.”
           Better than you.
         Amara looked at Khane and Bas a’ Rhinn. “Did you hear that?” She asked the response having not come from Khane.
         “It’s got a strong screech, I’ll give you that.”
         “No, he...” She fell silent, realizing only she could hear him. “Meet Jeremy.”
          They marveled at Amara, eager to try it themselves on the next moon.
       “It behooves me, just what wonderful talent you have cultivated in so short a time.” Bas a’ Rhinn praised her. Unaware of just how much he would soon need them.


      “Tell me, defector, to what feats has she ascended now?” Sitting atop a large heavily padded throne, was Kai, the Western Ridge Prides King. He spoke through slurps as he gnawed on a long bone. Cracking it open to suck at the marrow inside. He was a first generation speaker, his father Edur; taking human women until finally, a male worthy of succession was born. Those whelps not worthy were given over to any Pride that wanted them. He was the color of finely spun gold, around his head a thick mane of the same color, beside him his tail thumped against the side of the seat, where his son batted at the black tuft on its end,  playfully. The whelp resembled his father, in growing mane and tuffed tail, although he had a line of black and white stripes running down his back in a descending ‘v’ pattern.
        From a bowed position, Portia reported. “She can call up great balls of fire, freeze the very ground at her feet and...” She stopped watching as Kai tossed the now dry bone into a heap, littered with the skulls of men.
        “I have with my own eyes witnessed her conjure birds... Well one bird. A great raven, although to what purpose I do not know.” Portia wiped at the corner of her mouth, the sight of the bones and smell of the fresh flesh still on the platter beside the ravenous king, making her salivate.
       Kai watched her, with a sinister smile. “Do they still make you contend with kept flesh and frozen roots?”
          She nodded.
        “Would you like to sample something fresh? I would happily oblige you and your lover if you wish it. It is the least I can do for your efforts.”
        “I could not ask such a thing of you my Liege. My only intentions are to right that which needs to be. Bas a’ Rhinn is not the leader we need, and your brother as you know was unable to untie us, sterile as he is. He now beds the witch.”
         The whiskers on Kai’s brow lifted, and he looked up from another bone. “Does he now? I'm sure I can find a way to exploit that.” Kai stood up, gently slapping the hand of his son away. He wore no clothing, none of the Western Ridge did. They were not men. They were Raepuwa; to don the clothing of men was to accept their ways as better. And none was better than the Raepuwa. 
           So said the laws of the Western Ridge. He did allow Portia to keep her garments, but only because once she disrobed, her form often moved the king to distraction. He approached her, taking her hand in his, leading her to the exit of his chamber.
          “Let you and Mao rest. Warm yourselves, and have something savory before you make the trek back to the valley.”
       Portia nodded, and then added softly. “Mao did not make the trip. He was kept as a herd of Woolenbeasts were spotted near an outcropping in the neutral lands.”
         “That is too bad. But just the same, take refuge in your usual place. I will have vittles brought. You shall not be disappointed.”
          “Thank you my Liege.”


       The Western Ridge Pride did not live in houses, huts, or tents. After Edur broke away from the Northern Ridge, forming his own Pride, those who left with him found a honeycomb of caverns to the west, from a society long gone. It had seemed to be just another part of the mountains, but beneath the overgrowth and collapsed stones were steps. These steps led into the caves and the caves were fed by a stream, which allowed them fresh clean water to fish and drink all year long, thus aiding in their survival. Later exploration reveled under ground mineral ponds that steamed and stayed hot, giving them the luxury of hot baths to relax in. They did not quite compare to the springs in the Northern Ridge, but it made the place feel familiar and these were not plagued by Echoes.
        After soothing her tired muscles in the mineral baths, Portia settled into her quarters, she was drifting off into a nap when her ears picked up a muffling of cries. She sat up, listening as they came closer. Kai appeared, with a thick, bound, naked young man.
        “Tender vittles... As promised.” He smiled, tossing the man to the ground in front of her.
Portia stared as the man tried to get up, only to be batted back down by Kai. Her heart pounded, she salivated. They were not allowed to feast on men. Bas a’ Rhinn forbade it. Men were supposed to be their brothers and sisters. Kin and equals, but something savage inside her stirred. The animal was starving. 
        She swiped at the man, drawing blood with her claws. He cried out. She looked up at Kai, her jaw trembling in anticipation as she drew her bloodied claws to her lips, lapping at them. The taste igniting a blood lust, likened to the hunt. She pounced on the bleeding man. Tearing at his exposed flesh. His cries of terror and pain filled the room as she took chunks from him, greedily devouring them. With each delectable bit of meat, Portia began to understand what Kai preached.
         “This was how it was supposed to be. Men are food, like the other beasts that roam the land. They were devourers; usurpers of the Raepuwa, their history said it was so. Man pushed the Raepuwa into the unforgiving arctic lands out of fear. The Raepuwa are the top predator, it is we that should be the masters. We must take care of the man menace once the prides are again united.” Kai kept talking of his plans to move the Raepuwa up in the food chain, but Portia no longer heard him, as intoxicated as she was by the feast. 
           Surprise captured her when she realized that finally she had stripped and sucked every bone, and was now surrounded by only small bits of inedible scraps.
         “Was that satisfactory?” Kai, who sat back on his elbows, asked listening to her purr contentedly as she licked at the blood still on her arms and hands.
          “Why do we not feat like this? I feel...”
          “Stronger? Energetic? Alive?”
           She nodded.

         “I’ll tell you what I have decided. You are not to come again; but be prepared to leave the valley on the Balance Day. It is then that I shall call the Northern Ridge out. And take you as my Queen.”
        Portia looked up astonished, she stammered to question, but was silenced by Kai pinning her to the floor with a heavy pounce. He breathed in her scent. “The feast aroused you, there is no denying it.” He tugged at the bloodied ties of her top.
         “My Liege, I am already coupled.” She protested trying to keep the safety of her clothes.
        “I have seen what you have been left with. Is Mao of much use since the witch burned him?” He pinned her arms under his knees and shredded her blouse, exposing her full top breasts, gifted to her by the human cross, the lower six nipples were flush to her and would only engorge after a birth. “You are in your prime, and yet your coupling has yet to swell your body with life.”
        “Please, Kai, you have other wives.” She struggled beneath him, but it was of little use. He was right; the feeding had left her wanting. For Raepuwa females arousal was painful and once begun did not stop until fulfilled.
       “But none can give me speaking whelps, such as you could.” He turned her over, running his hands down her back. It arched pushing her hindquarters upward. “Thatta girl.” He purred as she caterwauled, her body demanding him.
      With a smirk and vivacious snarl her tore the seams from her britches. Once freed of its last confinement, her tail twitched and snaked downward clinging to his arm. He pulled it upward flush with her back to reveal her openings. They pulsed and puckered, her low slit throwing heat. Her heavily aroused scent made him salivate and he licked her trembling flesh.  With a purred moan Portia fell forward, her claws digging into the earth. Her face pushed forward as his tongue delved inside her. Twisting up in rough strokes Kai’s broad tongue traced and flicked at her. His throaty purrs sending vibrations with each breath.

           “Ugh, faster!” Portia demanded.
           Kai pulled back. Stopped, digging his own claws into her gyrating hips. “You dare to command me? Shut up.”
            “Oh I’ll shut up.” She growled, the pain of her not yet satiated  arousal demanded more. Pushing backward with her hands she put Kai on his back, sliding her hips up his chest. The friction pushing moans from her. Again he harnessed her tail and again he drove his tongue inside. As she bucked against his face, she grabbed his engorged and throbbing cock. He jumped beneath her as it slid effortlessly into her mouth, past her teeth and down her throat. Now it was she who purred, having pressed her body harder against his face. His tongue put pressure on her inner button, her sweet nectar flowed like a river, as he lapped at its dam, lifting and tapping in long fast laps. The muscles inside her tightened almost suffocating him, as the dam shifted and her true orgasms escaped.

             For Portia is couldn't have come sooner, as Kai pleased and teased her, she did her best to do the same to him. In truth she hoped that if he released his seed down her throat, he would lose his desire to release it elsewhere. Once she stopped trembling from her own ecstasy she took to him again. Faster, her wet tongue pressing tightly against the hard flesh in her mouth, adding heated resistance. Kai’s back arched with upward thrusts and she fought the urge to gag. His cock was too big for her mouth and throat to handle alone. Grabbing the base of it, she pulled it from her mouth, bathing it in heavy saliva. Now slick she could run her hand up and down the veined length which did not fit, and could concentrate all of her efforts to sucking and gently nibbling on the bulbous head.  

            “You’re ruthless.” Kai snarled, as he began to rub her hard with his palm. “But so too am I.”

            The pressure of his palm against her balmy flesh made her eyes roll upward. She knew if she became heavily aroused again she was done for, there would be no stopping Kai from getting what he wanted. She damned Mao for leaving her knowing she was so close to her heat season. Mao had pleaded with her to wait until he had come back. She had pleaded with him to stay. Neither would give. Now here she was on all fours in the dirt, with a tongue in her twat, and a cock she couldn't resist down her throat. Just when it felt as though Kai was going to let go and fill her mouth, she felt his tongue slide upward. Before she could protest he had lifted her hips high, bending her knees over tits, at once driving her head down on his cock and his tongue into her smallest of holes.
           He came, as he pulled her buttocks open, licking and nipping at her never before explored flesh. Portia tried to crawl from him, pulling at the ground before her at first. But even as she tried to pull away her body quaked. He sucked and prodded his tongue and fingers taking turns inside of her throbbing and now aching holes.
           “Please, Kai, I can not take any more of- of this...” Portia begged, unconvincingly, as she bucked against him again.

           Although muffled by her tightened flesh she could hear him laugh. Enraged she kicked back at him, catching the sides of his arms with her high hind claws.
          Kai threw her forward as they connected and she flipped around on to her back staring up at him. His face twisted in a sneer as he wiped at his mouth. Looking at his hand he could see a smear of blood. Her heat had finally begun.  He had caught the scent of it when she’d entered his hall, but it’s faintness told him it was not quite in full. He had hoped that this bit of rough and tumble across the floor would bring it, as it could sometimes do with his wives and he had been right.
          “Well, well, well. Portia, look at that, seems we will be finishing this after all. I had almost given up on mating you. But your heat has come, and I could never send you away in such agonizing pain.” He leaped at her, grabbing her by the waist. “Now will you come? Or am I going to have to press further?”
            Portia knew there was little she could do. If she returned home in a full heat and Mao was not back, she would suffer greatly. But here she was, in the arms of a King, who wanted her as his Queen, all she needed to do was relax and let him do as he pleased. Her tail twitched in the dirt, as she stared up at him. Feeling his solid flesh as it pressed eagerly against her inner thigh. His green and yellow flecked eyes bared down on her with determination.
            She shimmied to the left, opening her legs until they were even with the ground, and his twitching cock found its target.  He tried to enter her, but she was unable to receive him. He snarled in frustration.
“Easy there, my King.” Portia tried not to laugh, she didn't want to provoke him further. “Here let me help you.” She reached down, pushing him back gently, he watched as her hands traveled down her body and she used her fingers, claws retracted to hold her self open, she slid a finger inside, letting out a soft moan, then another, dipping them in and out rapidly. “No more than this girth has known me, but it can take more.” She curled her lip, with a grin as he started to stroke himself, watching her.
         “Hurry.” He ordered, watching as she pulled at her flesh with the two fingers, sliding them to the side, he could see the deeper pink of her as a third finger made its way and disappeared with the other two. Curling fast and pumping hard. 
            “ Ugh, I want to do that to you. I need to. Let me have you!” He kept stroking himself, and suddenly as Portia let out a howl he came again, fast, liquid splashed the ground between them, cascading down over his hand.  “Enough!” He shouted grabbing her hands and stopping her manual stimulation, he opened her and eagerly drove into her. This time hitting his mark. She immediately wrapped her legs around him with a cry of anguish as he took out his frustrations on her inch by inch. He was twice the size of Mao, who could sometimes hurt her, she wondered if he did intend to put her with child, or had she’d managed to stay it by making him waste so much seed already. She could only hope. But that hope was dashed when she felt him erupt again after only a few tightenings of her pelvic muscles, even as he came he kept at her. Suckling her breasts, kneading her thighs. 
             This was the longest mating session she had ever had. With Mao, it was often over before it began. He never allowed her to take him into her mouth and the thought of touching her other opening... Well he would have never even have thought about it. Kai on the other hand, not only could he fill her so completely, and totally, but he also wanted to. He was a King, but wanted her to take the lead, to control how hard, how fast. Pulling her up on top of him. 
             “Do what feels good to you.” He panted. “My knees have need of a rest, but I am far from done.”
              “I-”  Well I'm probably already with whelp. Might as well figure this out. Sitting back slightly she lifted herself, settling on him, this time it didn't hurt as he slid up inside. She pushed back off his calves,  sliding her self gently up and down his length.
              “You won’t break it.” He laughed, roughly grabbing her by the hips, his tail wrapping up her ankle, tickling her toes. He lifted his hips as he had when in her mouth, and guided her in to gyrating circles. The sensation inside her made her pick up speed and suddenly her legs locked up against his sides and her moans increased. He pulled her head back by the ends of her hair and she rode him, fast, catching a rhythm.    
                Forward. Up. Around... Back. Down hard. She tried to the left, then to the right. The left was better, somehow seemed deeper, and when she came this time, so did he, and this time... She welcomed it.

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