Monday, August 19, 2013

#IDTHESOLITARYROAD New Ch Excerpt... Teaser

      ..... She sat at the edge of the Tree pool watching as brilliant purple flowers floated on the still water when Elder came to sit by her side.
      He watched as she hardly glanced at him and only seemed to be concerned with the stillness around.
     “What has turned you so cold?” He asked finally.
      “What do you call those flowers on the water?” She seemed to ignore his question just as easily as she avoided talking about home.
       “They are called Padma. They flow swiftly down the river here and deposit in the pool, they are said to bring good fortune... But Amara, I have been trying to speak with you, on behalf of the others for many days now. And for many days, you have simply changed the subject. We are not ones to pry, but we do prefer to know more about where one comes from when they come to us. Surely, you can understand, we do not leave this place. So we crave knowledge of those we house beneath our canopy.”

Friday, August 9, 2013


In Dreams... The Solitary Road


Keep your eyes open, as In Dreams... The Solitary Road hit's shelves in OCTOBER!!! 

           So this is the official cover for In Dreams... The Solitary Road, I am so honored that +Eri Nelson was kind enough to work with me on it. I do believe we managed an awesome bit of Art. Anyhow, we are now in BETA reading. Still ironing out a few typos, but I'm sure I'll miss a few.. Ahh.. The trials of being an Indy Author. Perfection is what we strive for, but none, not even the big Publishing houses ever achieve it. It make me wonder...

     Do we strive fro perfection because we should for ourselves, or because it's what's expected? Can a reader see past the occasional misplaced coma or long sentence, and just get lost in the tale? Is it the grammar or is it the content that makes or breaks a book? I don't know. There are some authors out there that have made a lot of money and are in my opinion terrible writers, and it has nothing to do with their spelling. 

       I don't mind long descriptions, hell I'm notorious for them. I can get lost in dialogue for hours if the conversation is good. It's like being a fly on the wall, and sometimes if it's really well done, those thoughts you have and remarks you want to make are made by the characters themselves. That's what makes a great tale to me. When an Authors manages to think far enough ahead to anticipate a readers reaction, and give them what they want. It's hard to do, but that is what I strive for.

          It's my reason for the BETA phase. To pick the brain of a variety of people, from different demographics in order to see how they compare the tale. I want to engage, and tell a story that intrigues, pulls you in, and lets you displace your reality, if only for awhile. This is my idea of perfection... 

What's yours?