Friday, September 13, 2013


In Dreams... The Solitary Road Chapter Teaser 

To be Released October 2013

Within a day, the Pride picked up camp, ready for the month long journey back to their home at the base of the Braithorian Mountain Range. Since Amara was in no condition to walk, Graw pulled her behind him in a cart of furs and pelts, which helped to keep her warm. It was mid-winter, and the days were short, and often filled with snow showers, some light, others blinding, but the Raepuwa were built for their environment, to their surprise, Amara was able to succeed in the harsh land, putting up with Bas a’ Rhinn, and his nightly treatments. By weeks end, her voice returned, and the Pride was eager to hear her tale of the incident at the cavern.
The moment she told of the thing knowing what was in her mind, the group became uneasy, telling her that what she had encountered was what they called an Echo. Not using the word, as she knew it, this creature, which none had ever seen, was known to torment the minds of travelers forcing them over the cliffs. Although it stayed quiet when faced with a group, which was why they never traveled alone.