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WARNING: This Chapter is not suitable for person's under the age of 17. Nor frankly is any of my work, as it contains situations of a sexual and or violent nature.
In this next chapter the heat that has been building threatens to overflow... Enjoy. :)


           Feeling refreshed and full of a vigor she had not known in some time, Amara sat up, in the now dark room. Before falling asleep, she had forgotten to look for a means of light. She opened the shutters on the window, and the moon filled the room with enough light that she could find her boots and the exit. Quietly, she crept out into the main room, and out the front door. She had expected it to be freezing, but the temperature was oddly comfortable. She looked up, the sky was clear for the first time in as long as she could remember. It seemed that since leaving her home, a night had not gone by without clouds, or heavy snows which kept her eyes from seeing a single star.
              But there they were. She did not need to know the constellations, to be happy in their company. When she was young, they were often her companions on nights when she could not sleep, nights when even the charm did not protect her from waking up in a fit. Even then, she would sneak out into the warm air, and stand staring until her neck could no longer hold her head. Always with a feeling of mixed sadness and awe. Her grandfather Nathan had once told her that her people were there. That those who went on before her looked down, that the twinkle was their smiles, letting loved ones know they were never truly gone. Would if she could have believed it. Sometimes she convinced herself that it was true, and for a moment, she did not feel so alone. Even after meeting Lexan, there was this emptiness inside and she wondered if it would ever be filled.
               She looked around, hearing laughter, and snorts, her eyes settling on a building with a torch light outside. Inside through the glass pane windows she could see Raepuaw having a merry time. Drinking and carrying on. She made her way across the square, and was about half way to the place when she heard glass bottles clanking. Looking just past the place between it and another building, she spotted Graw, his arms full stacking crates.
              Hastily she ducked behind a stone bench in the square, making herself small, so he would not see her. She wasn't ready for a confrontation, not yet, maybe not ever. She watched as he wiped his hands on his pants before disappearing back inside the building once more. A long sigh, escaped her, the breath streaming from her dry lips.
                 “Out for a stroll?” A voice came from the silence, startling her.
              Amara turned around in the bench facing the sound, to find Portia leaning against one of the caravans still in the square, as she tied up her pants. “So there I was, having a romp, and I see you go flitting by without a care in the world.”
              “I was just getting some air.”
            “Looks to me more like you were hiding from Graw.” She pointed beyond Amara to the building. Amara turned seeing him inside. He seemed to be staring out the window from behind the counter. “Next time I’d try being up wind, before hiding like an idiot.”
              “What is your issue with me? From the moment I opened my eyes in your camp, you have been nothing but rude to me.” Amara asked, sitting up, figuring there was no use in trying to hide.
              “You, humans, act like you have no idea, but really? You’re all schemers. You look at us and shout monster, animal. But then you realize we’re like you where it matters and suddenly you’re intrigued and disgusted at the same time. Your men poison and rape us, to see what it’s like. And women like you? Well you've just got to bat those eyes and go all helpless and our men fall all over themselves.” She was crossing the length between them.
               “I did nothing of the kind.” Amara defended. “I'm sorry if you think that I have done anything to make anyone fall over themselves. I was very fortunate that your Pride found me; it was your Shaman who insisted he could help me. I have no intentions of taking anything that does not belong to me.”
            “Your intentions do not matter. When we love, it is for life. And you've two of us smitten. If I had my-” Portia stopped, in mid-step. Suddenly the words died in her throat.
               In tears, Amara gasped, as Graw leapt over the bench with a snarl. Taking Portia by the throat. He snapped his jaws shut. The collision of his teeth together echoing through the suddenly still air.
               Raepuwa came out of the busy building. Watching as he held her down. Still growling. Portia did not move. She did not fight him. She submitted. Arms at her side. A low hiss came from the caravan. Graw turned his head to see Portia’s companion Mao. On all fours, the hair on his back standing, as he made sure steps toward them. With Graw distracted, Portia reached up suddenly clawing at his face. Graw reared up. Swatting Portia hard enough that saliva sprayed from her mouth. Mao charged. Dirt and snow kicked up behind him. Graw tossed Portia to the side as if batting a fly and made ready his defense for the charged assault. They collided, up in the air. Then standing. But Graw would not budge. They were about the same size, and should have been evenly matched. Mao bared his teeth and dug his claws into Graw’s back. Trying to get a better hold of him.
                The crowd from the building started hissing and snarling. Egging the two on. Amara looked behind her. It seemed the entirety of the place watched on. None caring to stop it. Enjoying the fight. It looked like Graw had the upper hand until Portia jumped in. Grabbing him by the neck and digging her hind claws into his back. Graw let out a roar. That shook snow from the trees. But still no one stepped in. Amara jumped up. She knew this was her fault. 
              She had to do something...
             Grabbing Portia by the length of hair that ran down her back Amara gathered it into her hand and yanked. Portia twisted, pouncing on Amara. Pinning her down. Panicked Amara screamed. Catching Portia’s razor clawed hands as she went for Amara’s face.
               “I’ll make it so no one will want you!” Portia sneered.
            “Not likely.” Amara strained. Channeling her thoughts of fire. Like Bas a’ Rhinn had been showing her. Suddenly Portia screamed. The smell of burning hair filled Amara’s nostrils. Where she had been holding Portia was in flames. The Raepuwa jumped back, trying desperately to douse the flames. Amara scurried up on to her knees. With a twist of her left arm, fire rushed toward Graw and Mao. Exploding in a liquid spray just beyond them. Mao jumped up as it went past and Graw pushed him into the molten debris. As Mao rolled in the snow screaming, Graw turned his attention to Amara. Still moving he raced right at her, as some of the Raepuwa came toward her. Scooping her up into his arms, he kept running. Past all of them. Even as Portia screamed for aid. They were not followed. The others too shocked at what had happened.


           Graw did not stop until they were in a building on the Mountain edge of town. Finally, he put Amara down, to try and catch his breath. He panted with his head between his knees. Amara did not know what to say. She had not meant to do what she did; all she knew was that she had to do something. She headed for the sink, taking a towel and drenching it with cold water. She returned to him, putting the rolled towel on the back of his neck. He winced, the water catching the claw marks.
           “I'm sorry.” Amara gently whimpered.
           He did not respond. Just took the towel and wiped at his face. When he looked up again Amara was back in his kitchen, clanking around in the cabinets. He pushed himself up. Watching as she put a large bowl on the table and turned the single chair around.
             He snorted, with a shake of his head, but did as she asked. She tore what was left of his shirt. Exposing the multiple gnashes on his back. Mao and Portia having done a fine job of shredding it. 
             Is this what I look like? She wondered as she dabbed another clean rag in the water and stared wiping at the blood. The cuts were not deep, but they were many. “It’s not so bad, once I clean up the blood. You probably won’t even notice them once they heal.” Her voice was flat. Trying to hide the fear that scratched its way to the surface.
              Graw dropped his shoulders sadly.
              “You seem disappointed.”
              He gestured widely. “After all that! To come away with out a scar...Pointless.”
           Amara smiled shortly without answer; just finished cleaning up his back. Then went back to the sink for fresh water.
            Graw watched her, silently. He wished that he had words for her. For the first time he found fault in his form. Before this woman there was no doubt, no longing. She had him twisted up inside. There were no gestures in Raepuwa for what he felt. Only actions. Caresses. Contacts that they made. He had tried that, and she had shunned him since. Enwa had received a kind rejection, but not he.
           When Amara turned back toward him, he righted himself. But she had seen his long staring reflection in the windowpanes. Walking around the table to him, she looked down at him, and around the large but empty space. At the table, there was only the single chair, the same for the wood stove in the center room. In Khane’s home, there had been cushions and chairs. Seating for a family. But here there was none. The cabinets had items to spare, but most things were collecting dust.
             “You’re all alone out here?” She whispered.
         He nodded. “Just me.” His shoulders shrugged, and again he winced, blood dripped from the scratches on his face.
         Amara went to the wood stove. Reaching inside she grabbed the bits of wood, and a fire quickly stoked. Returning to the table she sat down on the ice cold stone floor in front of him with the bowl and cloth. She lifted his head, and he averted his eyes as she wiped the blood from his face.
        “You may just get your wish on those scars; I don’t think I can stop the bleeding. Should I get Bas a’ Rhinn?”
         Graw licked the backside of his hand, and rubbed it against his wounds several times.
         “Stop you’ll make it worse!” She protested.
        He looked at her, rolling his orange eyes slightly. After a moment not only was his face clean, but the bleeding had completely stopped. “We’re built to fix these things.”
         Looking up at him, a wry smile crossed her face. He returned the smile with his tooth-filled grin.
           “I'm sorry for how I've treated you. If I had not, maybe this wouldn't have happened.”
            He shrugged. “It was coming.”
      “All my being here has done is hurt people. I was not exaggerating when I said everything I touch burns.”
           His features softened, and he reached out to wipe a tear from the smooth skin of her cheek. His fingers were... Flesh. His caress... Tender. Amara closed her eyes. Her body moved toward him. He dropped down from the chair to his knees.
            Amara ran her hands gingerly down his back. The hair bristled, as he rolled his shoulders toward her touch. His rough tongue caressed the length of her neck. An erupting  gasp sprang forth from her. He pulled her top free. Lowering her to the floor. His tongue was like fine sandpaper, making its way down to her small but firm breasts. When he suckled gently on them, she shuddered in delight. Feeling his teeth as they grazed, her tender flesh. He stopped. Lifting her, to caress down her back, then hesitated.
                “I'm okay.” She urged him. Pulling his head down, she kissed his forehead. Her knee moving up his thigh, finding hardened pulsing flesh. She rolled her eyes down. Feeling his proportions. A quicksilver shiver raced through her aching loins. He pulled her pants down over her lifting hips. Amara’s chastity belt challenged him. Flicking a claw against it filled the room with a metallic clink.
                Amara opened her eyes at the sound. Remembering that the key was in her pocket. As she had yet to find a safer place for it. She backed away, Graw right behind her, loosening his pants. She fumbled with the chastity belt. Unable to steady her hands. The only man she had ever given her self to had been Lexan, and she had married him. But this, this was not a man. This was more... Animal. What would happen if she allowed this? Was she really so profane?
            He took the key as her hands found their way to his ever-engorged manhood. He freed her body from its metal and leather prison. His tongue working in long laps against her most tender skins. She moaned longingly. He was teasing her. Then he pulled her, propping her up against the table. Sitting her upright. Her legs trembled as she quaked against him. Grasping the table legs, as the first orgasms came. Her moans falling with heavy breaths. He brought her closer. Working her swollen clitoris with aggressive agility. Letting her peak again, before sliding back on his haunches. Amara opened her eyes, looking at him. He waited for her to calm.
          Crawling to him on unsure limbs, she slinked like a Raepuwa. Further fueling his feverish lust. He grabbed her. Pulling her high on to her knees. Running the tip of his bestial flesh up and down her warm dripping lips. Paying close attention to her whimpers. Just as she was to climax again, he broke her barrier. In a single hard, push. The moment of pain to Amara was the greatest of pleasures. Her muscles shifted. Opening up to him with each slide and thrust. He purred as they moved. Every inch of his body vibrating. Sending sensations through Amara. She felt as though she was going mad. Indeed, she believed that if this went on much longer she would become his willing slave.
          “No more.” She cried. But he was not finished with her yet. 
          He crushed her against him. Wrapping his strong arms around her. Bringing her up and down with unbridled urgency as he pumped deep inside. Once... Twice... And then a third and final time, before she felt him go soft. His thick fluid running down their thighs. He held her close. Keeping inside of her, with slow strong strokes. Even soft, he had size enough to keep her trembling as she leaned against his chest. 
        She buried her face in the soft warm fur of his neck. Still feeling the hot liquid as it fought to escape. A small troubled laugh broke through her lips as she looked at him. His crystalline eyes seemed to smile. The pupils half moons. Beyond him, outside the mountains and the sky.
          “I can’t put you with child. If that’s your trouble.” He lowered his eyes in shame. “It’s why I have no woman in the Pride.”
          Amara rubbed her face against his, letting her lip curl upward. His whiskers tickling her ear, as she purred in his.
          “Actually, I was thinking about that sky full of stars.”

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